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Poekoelan, Tjimindie, Batin, martial arts, poekoelan, pentjak silat, serak, tulen, tjimande, tjiminde, pukulan, pencak, cimande, cun tao, kuntao, kun tao, fitness, kung fu, karate, tang so do, ti kwon do, martial arts, Tai Chi, Chi Quong, Kali, Escrima, Arnis, Willy Wetzel, Maha Goeroe, Guru, Goeroe, Roy Wetzel, chicalong, Sera, Dragon, Monkey, Snake, Crane, Police, tactics, SWAT, special forces, marines, seals, greenberet, stick fighting, knife fighting, rape prevention, kids karate, black belt, tournaments, kumite, Indonesia, Java, Malasia, no holds bared, octogon, ufc, jet kune do, inner power, yoga, meditation, combat, cobra, maphalindo, kata, sports, grappling, shoot wrestling, family fun, close quarter, breaking, joint manipulation, hand to hand, fighting, monjet, chuan fa, pittsburgh, east coast, matjanan, blekok, oelere, Willy Wetzel, Goeroe Willy The Five Dragons School specializes in the instruction of the Indonesian Art of Pentjak Silat Pekoelan Tjimande Batin as Passed down in lineage from Maha Goeroe Willy Wetzel and one of his sons Goeroe Roy Wetzel. Our school gives every student the ability to learn how, what, who, and why this art is taught the way it is. At one time this art was considered closed to outsiders and even those excepted into a school were most times not given all information, however here we believe students should receive every opportunity to learn all this art has to offer. At our school we try to make it as easy as possible to learn from flexible scheduling of classes, personal lesson and of course our online study program. Every student (who is enrolled at the school) receives a free password that unlocks every piece of tested material by means of step by step photo galleries, streaming video of every move, and streaming video of instruction of every move, all for the purpose of at home studying. At the school no information is held back, down from history, psychology of combat, the Principals of Poekoelan, to the three levels of learning (mental, physical, and spiritual) and we even teach of the magical/mystical portion of this art. We in no way try to change values in students. Because of this the art has been referred to as “an art of self discovery”. For a true instructor of this art will not make you do “this” or “that” but will help you along one’s own chosen path. To help new students along, we also require no contracts to sign up at the school. We believe a contract should not keep you coming for lessons but rather a thirst for knowledge. Also we charge no testing fee for rank testing, for no hard effort will go un-rewarded. We do this to help everyone focus on what really matters and that is not fees and contracts but having a clear mind to pursue ones own training and be able to enjoy life stress and worry free. I hope you come and join us at the school or on-line… come see the amazing Art of Pentjak Silat Pekoelan Tjimande Batin and discover that the possibilities are limit less. Contact Information