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Cimande.comOregon based, Pendekar William Sanders, Who in the opinion of the School of the Five Dragons is one of the most knowledgable Poekoelan men in the world. Guru Sanders has the knowledge of the history and true meaning of the art and how it was taught.
Malysian Martial ArtsPoekoelan Blend Style of James Hogue
Fans of Wetzel Martial ArtsPoekoelan Tjiminde Style of James Wetzel
Poekoelan TjimindiePokoelan Tjiminde Tulen Style of Barbra Neigel
Pukulan KombinasiPoekoelan Tjiminde Style of Jerry Jacobs
How to find an authentic Silat TeacherUSA Schools and Associations
Three Dragons School of Self DefensePoekoelan Tjiminde Style taught by Ken Lucas in Wellsboro WV
Empty Open Hands - A SurvivorA new book by Wim Wetzel depicting his life growing up as a son of Willy Wetzel
Wetzel Art ForumDiscussions about the Poekoelan Art from different points of view

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Poekoelan Sites
World Kung
One with Heart
Studio Naga

Pentjak Silat Sites
Saudara Kaum
Pentjak Silat Serak
Chinese Indo Marial Arts
Mande Muda
Mande Muda - Maryland
International Silat Federation of America & Indonesia
Black Triangle Silat
Persatuan Gerak Badan
Pentjak Silat Fight Videos
Ratu Adil
Satria Arts
Silat Site - F.I.S.F.O World
Poekoelan Tjiminde Community

First Pentjak Silat Film USA
Silat Videos
Discussion about Guru Willy Wetzel
Indonesian Dictionary/ Translation
Pentjak Silat EBooks
Star Wars to get Silat Touch
Silat Today Magazine
Traditional Weapons - Philippines
Maylay Art Gallery
Silat Schools and Associations
Traditional Silat Weapons

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