As of today 2/10/17 we are still in need of a training space as the location at Camp Horne Road is no longer able to support us due to the increase of MMA students. Anyone knowing of a decent facility at least local to our Camp Horne location please contact me.
Holiday Reminder
Just a note to make you aware that in December we will decide collectively what days the school will not be open due to the holidays. Until then take care and keep up the good work.
Holiday Season
Just wanted to add a little note to all who have given their time to the practice of Poekoelan Batin. It means a lot to me that you make sacrifices to be at school for practice in this art. It show what type of person you are and will become. I am humbled to know that you let me share a part of your lives. We will decide in December what days the school will be closed for the holidays, until then have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Star Wars Gets Silat Touch - 2015
The new Star Wars movie will have fight sequences influenced by the film producers and fight choreographers of the Raid and Raid Redemption. Click on our link under newest tab to get the complete story.
New Location 2015
We will be relocating to a shared facility on March 16, 2015. The new location is 300 Camp Horne Road Pittsburgh, PA. 15202. Directions will be posted on our website.
2nd Meeting with Mas Ken Lucas - Exchange of Ideas
We will once again meet with the 3 Dragons School to exchange ideas on March 3 at 10:00am Please contact me for further information
Poekoelan Forum
Please register at www.poekoelan.net. This website is dedicated to discussion of Poekoelan and a great place to see where we plan to travel to the next school to discuss and exchange ideas in our art. So far the next tentative sachool will be either the Western Dragon (Dan McGown) or visiting Dan Lucas in northern Ohio.
Poekoelan Conference 2013
Tentative for February, will post time, date and location when known.
Chaun Fa Boxing - School of 3 dragons
Serak Training - Ken Lucas School of 3 Dragons
Please plan on attending a Serak training class to be taught by Ken Lucas, head instructor of the school of 3 dragons. He will provide some insight into the training methodology used by Serak practioners. The class will be held Nov 18th at the South Side school location. Times are to be 9:30-11:30a, no addmittance fee will be charged. This is an open class and we invite all levels of skill to attend. Please acknowledge coming by sending an email. Looking forward to an on-going exchange of training methods and ideas between all schools.
Sunday September 2
Class has been cancelled for the Holiday. Class will resume next Sunday 9/9/12
New South Side Sunday Classes
We are now open for training on Sundays at the South Side location classes starting at 9:30a-11:30a. Anyone interested in coming please notify me before hand.
School Clean Up - Aug 18th
We will have a clean up at the school to paint and clean the practice area. We will also be hanging bags and installing floor mats. Those of you who want to come please let me know in advance.
New Classes
Classes have now started every Wednesday at our new location at 2100 Marys Street on the South Side. We are in the original Pittsburgh "Brew House". We are located on the 2nd Floor mezzanine area. See signs when you walk in for direction. Class will begin at 6:30p
New School Location
We are changing the Sharpsburg school location to a new location on the South Side:
Address - 2100 Mary Street Space 101, Pgh, Pa 15203

Classes will start on Wednesday July 18th at 6:30pm-8:30pm

New students are welcome and please notify me before coming please.

We will be expanding to 2days a week the other day yet to be determined.
Sunday Training
We will start to train with Mark Kulich, a student of Eugene Tuffs. The date is still undecided but will be confirmed shortly. Training times for regular sessions is 10:30a-12:00p. Any one interested in cross training with us please contact me to make arrangements. This will happen at the Moon School, click location button for directions.
2nd Annual Poekeolan Tjimindie Conference - April 28th @ 9AM
Come and join us for the 2nd Annual Poekeolan Tjimindie Conference at Boyd Community Center. The address is 1220 Powers Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238.